Useful Information

Neodent S.A. has been researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing complete dental treatment units, for more than 40 years, based on two basic principles: top quality of raw material and modern design.

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and to strictly comply with the guidelines and regulations that govern the electro medical devices, Neodent S.A. is today one the most fast growing manufacturing companies of Europe.

All of Neodent’s departments

  • Research and Development Department
  • Production Department
  • Assembling Department
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • After sales Department
  • Spare Parts Warehouse


Are working together in order to create a complete dental line of products.


  • How long have I got from the date I buy the dental chair to the date I register its serial number?
  • The Triton/ Triton Plus+ dental unit/s should be registered within 6 months of the purchase.

  • How long is the warranty valid for?
  • The warranty is valid for 2 years with a 3-year extension (5 years in total) after the registration is completed.

  • What does the warranty covers?
  • The warranty covers all electronic printed circuit boards manufactured by Neodent, for the dental chair.

  • Where can I find the serial number of my Triton/ Triton Plus+ unit?
  • You can find the six digit code at the bottom back of your dental unit (e.g. 2153-9).

  • Registration instructions
  • For step-by-step instructions press here.

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